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Field Hockey Association of Calgary

FHAC strives to Promote and Develop the game of Outdoor and Indoor Field Hockey for Men and Mixed Teams through Competitive and Recreational games for Players, Coaches, Officials and Spectators.

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Coaching Field Hockey is an exciting way to become involved in Field Hockey. Whether you are a skilled provincial player or a recreational player who wants to dabble in Coaching, FHAC encourages you to get involved.

FHAC fully supports and works in concert with Field Hockey Alberta's Coaching program. Please contact Field Hockey Alberta if you want to develop your skills as a Field Hockey coach.!


Come and join the ranks of FHAC Umpires! Learn the rules and participate in games like never before. See the game from a whole new point of view. If you are interested please contact your club rep.

For information on umpire please visit the Field Hockey Canada Officiating Program web site.
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